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Bal Swing Dance Classes at The Lucky PigJune 06

A little bit of Swing, a whole lot of Fun...

Add a shuffle to your step!

A close embrace swing dance whose heyday was during the 20s - 40s and today is often integrated with Lindy (known as Bal-Swing).  Perfect for very fast & mid-tempo swing music, it uses a full body connection and lots of intricate footwork & subtle variations.

Every first Wednesday of the month.

Balboa classes:

7pm Intermediate - Min requirements: Up & Down Basics, Come Around, Throw out, Out & Ins, Paddles. Please note, most people need at least 10 hrs of beginners before moving to intermediate

7.45pm Beginners - No experience necessary or partner required.

8.30-10.30pm Social Dancing

£5 per class / Free social